Basic things about the essay and common app essay prompts

An article is one of the best tools of art for the writers to convey their thoughts and views in a better way. The report helps the writers and authors to show their opinions in the best intellectual way. That is why the great scholars of the country mostly prefer it.


However, it is not only that authors and great writers took this great tool of art to confess their thoughts among the readers. Common app Essay promptsalso suits well to the students of the school and college. Many big and famous schools and college of the countries allow their students to write some good essay on the general topics of the world and humanity.

Why we need an essay in the syllabus of the students of the school and colleges?

There is always a need for writing a good piece of essay in the schools and colleges because it encourages the student to do well in the writing segment. That is why many schools provide excellent exposure to writing to the students. Essay writing brings superior intellectual power to the student, which will help them in the future for the betterment of their career. There are a lot of competitions takes place in schools and colleges to increase the overall writing ability of the students.

How to write a common app essay

Brainstorm topics are well suited to write common app essay prompts. Short stories are very appealing if you are exceptional in writing skill. Don’t look for the other sources available in the market for the essay is advisable to do self-study to write good essay prompts.

Don’t rush whenever you were preparing to write an essay. You need to get relaxed and give some good time to write excellently. Try to find the right peaceful place to sit and prepare yourself for writing.

It is recommended to go for some good suggestions of elders and teachers who may guide you well for the topic you are about to write in the piece of paper. You should be unique and not try to imitate anybody’s style in writing. However, you can take some good ideas from the famous writers of the world.


In a nutshell, we can say that writing piece of art is not always an easy thing to do. But by taking some right measures, you can get what you want to achieve.